Imagine when your friend has a newborn baby or a wedding and you are thinking of a gift. Wouldn't it be handy if you can just pick one from an online shop and get it delivered to the recipient, with the greeting card printed for you? This is what Ridhoshop focuses on, gift as a service (GaaS). Our value is to serve you only worth, halal, and healthy products. We also believe in the culture of giving.

So, why giving?

Because we believe that everyone loves gift.

Do you still remember when you were kid, you were so happy receiving gifts from your parents or family? You're also happy when your friends sent you gifts in any precious moments in your life; your graduation, your achievement moment, your wedding? How about gifts from your lovely spouse? It must be so meaningful!

We believe that every gift has a meaning. It means care, and care means love. No matter what the price, knowing that somebody cares about you is priceless!

Because we believe that everyone can love each other by giving each other.

You will also benefit from giving gift to someone (in a good way). You can imagine the gift recipient smiling and feeling happy when he/she receives your gift. Of course, then you will receive his/her love back! Or you can also get sympathy from your team member in your office by sending them gifts. Sometimes, a personal touch can worth more than mere KPI-based rewards at work. Or even you can get apology from your lovely spouse by sending them surprising gift and he/she will love you more. You can also show your unconditional love to your parents or kids by sending them a meaningful gifts. See, how many benefits you can reach by giving gifts to anyone.

Imagine if giving become a culture, how beautiful this world would be! We will love each other, the world will become peaceful. No hate, just love.

That's why, Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said,
"Give each other gifts, then you will love each other"
(Narrated by Bukhori, Baihaqi, and Abu Ya'la).

So, we are here. Through Ridhoshop, we believe that giving can be much easier and become a lifestyle. Let's make giving a culture, then we will love each other.