Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


When buying gift for somebody, why should I allow Ridhoshop to send email to my recipient that I am sending a gift and it is on the way?

This is the recommended practice. Imagine if your gift recipient suddenly hears a knocking on the door from our courier and gets confused since he/she never orders from Ridhoshop. In order to avoid this, Ridhoshop sets up an automation to send email to recipient when the package is about to arrive. Ideally, it would be one day before the estimated day of arrival. The email should send along the delivery tracking code as well for convenience.

If you, however, opted out of this, then the recipient will not receive this email for that particular gift.

In the email sent by Ridhoshop to my recipient that a gift is coming, why should the email mention my name as the sender?

It will be nice for the recipient to know who it is coming from. We know that you may want a surprise instead for them, but, imagine that your recipient will receive an email like this from Ridhoshop "A gift from someone via Ridhoshop coming to your way". It will be so mysterious and perhaps scary for some people. Let's build a culture of giving which is also safe and full of trust.


When will my gift recipient receive the package or how long will the delivery take?

InsyaAllah (If God permits), the package for local (Singapore) delivery should be received within 1-4 working days since ordering and payment received. This includes Saturday, but not if the Saturday falls on a public holiday.

For a special request of fast delivery (e.g. within same day) or delivery on scheduled date, please reach out to us via WhatsApp or email.

What courier does Ridhoshop use?

While we may partner with additional couriers, at the moment Ridhoshop uses Janio for its delivery within Singapore.

Can I ensure the gift is received on a particular date?

We understand that this may be very important for you. At the moment, we cannot guarantee the actual delivery date with the default shipping. With default, ideally the package should be received within the period mentioned here.

Having said this, if you do want to have it delivered within the same day or at certain date, please reach out to us via WhatsApp or email.

Delivery (shipping) policy

Please refer to this page for our delivery or shipping policy.


What is a discount code?

Discount code can be claimed when making an order to apply a discount on its original price, provided that the terms and conditions are met. 

Some discount codes may be inserted into the gift packages by Ridhoshop. This way, the gift receiver can potentially use it after receiving the package, to buy gift for others. We hope that the chain of giving can be preserved.