Romantic Spark

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Are you nervous to meet your new halal spouse for the first time? Don't worry! Romantic Spark will arm you fully to ignite the spark of your romance.

1 x Wali Fragrance Middle Eastern - Dubai Silver, 6 ml

1 x Wali Fragrance Middle Eastern - Rose Thaif, 6 ml
1 x Wali Fragrance Inspired Perfume - Oud Wood, 6 ml
1 x Wali Fragrance Inspired Perfume - Escada, 6 ml
1 x Wali Fragrance Gift Box - White
1 x 5 Luxe Scents Room & Linen Spray - Retreat, 100 ml
1 x 5 Luxe Scents Candle - Retreat, 8 oz
1 x Momma Dee's Balm - Calming, 15 ml
1 x OudLux Shower Gel - Oud & Vanilla, 300 ml
1 x OudLux Body Lotion - Oud & Flower, 300 ml
1 x Epitex Bath Towel - Basic, 140 x 70 cm
2 x Miswak
1 x Ridhoshop Greeting Card with Custom Message
1 x Packable 90% Recyclable Kraft Box - Large (35 x 26 x 10 cm)
1 x Ridhoshop Wrapping Paper on Draft Paper

1. You can provide the text to be printed on the greeting card during checkout

Notes for Muslim:
1. All Wali Fragrance Perfumes are without alcohol - reference here
2. All OudLux Shower Gel and Body Lotion are vegan - reference here
3. According to De'Xandra (verbal answer on May 11, 2021), Cinta Syurga air freshener is free from alcohol
4. According to Momma Dee, all of their products are hand-brewed, and insyaAllah are halal, organic, and free from alcohol

1. The shredded paper color may be different from the one on photos

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